If Ye Love Me                                                                                              Thomas Tallis             (1505-1585)

April is in my mistress’ face (girls’ choir)         Thomas Morley                (1557-1602)

Fyre, Fyre                                                                                                     Thomas Morley

Thinkst thou then by thy feigning                   John Dowland                  (1563-1626)

What If I Never Speede                                                                  John Dowland

Rest, Sweet Nymphs                                                                                   Francis Pilkington      (1565-1638)

Of all the birds that I do know                         John Bartlet                      (1606-1610)

Hear my prayer, O Lord                                                                            Henry Purcell             (1659-1695)

Quick! we have but a second                           Charles Villiers Stanford (1852-1924)

Ward, The Pirate     (boys’ choir)                  English Folk Song, Ars. Ralph Vaughan Williams  (1872- 1958)

Five Flower Songs Op. 47:                                                                          Benjamin Britten        (1913-1976)

No. 1: To Daffodils

No. 2: The Succession of Four Sweet Months

No. 3: Marsh Flowers

No. 4: The Evening Primrose

No. 5: Ballad of Green Broom

(Turkey premiere)

Danny Boy                                                        Londonderry air, Arr. Joseph Flummerfelt (1937-)



L’alouette                                                           Clément Janequin            (1485-1558)

L’espoir confus                                                  Clément Janequin

Va rossignol                                                       Clément Janequin

Languir me fais                                                 Claudin de Sermisy          (1490-1562)

Il est bel et bon                                                  Pierre Passereau               (1509-1547)

Quand mon mary vient de dehors                  Orlande de Lassus           (1532-1594)

Une puce j’ay dedans l’oreille                          Orlande de Lassus

Six chansons pour chœur mixte                               Paul Hindemith (1895-1963)

(Six Chansons for mixed choir)

1.  La Biche  (The Doe)

2.  Un Cygne  (A Swan)

3.  Puisque tout passe  (Since All is Passing)

4.  Printemps  (Spring)

5.  En Hiver  (In Winter)

6.  Verger  (Orchard)


Inssbruck, ich muss dich lassen                       Heinrich Isaac                  (1450-1517)

Sechs Lieder im Freien zu singen, Op. 59:       Felix Mendelssohn           (1809-1847)

No. 1: Im Grünen (In the Open)

No. 2: Frühzeitiger Frühling (Early Springtime)

No. 3: Abschied vom Wald (Departure from the Forest)

No. 4: Die Nachtigall (The Nightingale)

No. 5: Ruhethal (Valley of Rest)

No. 6: Jagdlied (Hunting Song)

(Turkey premiere)

Abendlied                                                          Josef Rheinberger             (1839-1901)



Fata la parte                                                      Juan del Encina                (1468-1529)

Cucú, Cucú!                                                     Juan del Encina

Il bianco e dolce cigno                                    Jacob Arcadelt                  (1505-1568)

Matona, mia cara                                              Orlande de Lassus           (1532-1594)

Quando ridente e bella                                     Carlo Gesualdo                (1560-1613)

Cantate Domino                                               Claudio Monteverdi        (1576-1643)

Locus Iste                                                           Anton Bruckner               (1824-1896)


In Der Natur: V Přírodě Op. 63                                           Antonín Dvořák (1841-1904)

     (In Nature’s Realm: 5-part songs)                    

1. Napadly Písně v duši mou (Song Came to Me)

     2.  Večerní les rozvázal zvonky (Bells Untied in an Evening Wood)

3.  Žitné pole (Ryefield)

4.  Vyběhla bříza běličká (White Birch Sprang Up)

5.  Dnes do skoku a do písničky! (Come Dance and Sing Today!)


Mahur İlahi                                                       Hasan Ferit Alnar            (1906-1978)

Selections from the Rubaiat of Omar Hayyam Arda Ardaşes Agoşyan            (1977-)

(Seven Chorals)          (World Premiere)



Romeo and Juliet                                               Arda Ardaşes Agoşyan

(World Premiere)


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